Creating the Perfect Meditation Space in Your Home

Meditation is an ideal means of relieving stress and improving your entire state of mind. You can meditate anytime and nearly anywhere, but adding meditation to your daily routine requires at least a little planning. Following the four tips listed below can help you incorporate meditation into your everyday life.

Create a Designated Space

If you can dedicate an entire room for meditation, why not? Your mental well being is worth it. However, if that’s not an option, set aside a designated space in a bedroom or another place that’s quiet and reasonably secluded from traffic. You can even practice meditation outdoors when the weather is good to add quiet time in nature to your routine. Creating a dedicated space also conveys the message to your family that your meditation is a sacred exercise.


Add Appropriate Decorations

Candles and incense are classic accessories for meditation, but don’t stop there. Consider adding fresh flowers or live plants, along with paintings or prints that convey a restful theme to your meditation space. Just don’t go overboard and create too much clutter, which can defeat the purpose of meditation.

Include Comfortable Seating


While there are several standing yoga poses, many of the aspects of meditation take place while seated. Comfortable seating is essential. Large pillows are ideal. A yoga mat or a low bench, with or without a back, also make good additions to your meditation space.

Make it a Consistent Calendar Item

If your schedule just doesn’t allow for daily meditation, that’s OK. However, you should meditate on a consistent basis, at least a few times per week. Consistency is essential to obtain the maximum benefits from meditation. If you add meditation to your calendar (like a business or a medical appointment), you’ll find it easier to stick with a meditation practice.

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